Rocket Toilet

If you ever wanted to see how a toilet looks like when propelled by a rocket into the very edges of the atmosphere and beyond, you should trying playing a few rounds of Rocket Toilet.

In this game, you simply have to upgrade the toilet and see how far and how high it can go. However, keep in mind that a person will be sitting on the toilet during the process, so you might want to purchase some safety gear at some point. The rules of Rocket Toilet are simple: you have to click on the screen when the pipes have enough pressure in them and see how far the toilet can fly. At first, you will only fly a few feet because there is barely no pressure. This is the best time to use your special power: flushing. You can click on the toilet on three separate occasions and it will get an extra boost. Between levels, you can use the money you've earned for more useful upgrades such as in-air accelerators, new wheels or a stronger start pump. This way, your earnings will only get higher and your toilet flights will last longer. There are countless of obstacles in mid air, but you will also find certain things that will give you a boost. Keep an eye out for them if you want to earn extra money.

If you can earn one million dollars in Rocket Toilet, you will unlock the secret upgrade and this power up will definitely surprise you.